Using fake lashes a lot? Here’s how you will change your mind

Numerous women still believe that achieving longer and fuller lashes without extensions is too good to be true. They keep on visiting their favourite beauty salon, where the specialist will stick the fake lashes to the real ones. Sometimes, glue enters the eye, and side effects appear. Have you ever heard of Idol Lash? If you are using fake lashes a lot, here is how you will change your mind.

How to improve eyelashes growth naturally

Magical lashes will surround your big eyes without falsies or extensions. The professionals from the Idol Lash team have developed a potent eyelash enhancer growth serum that works wonders in weeks of use. Because it is formulated with natural ingredients that increase the length and density of the lashes, you can make your biggest dream come true and stop attaching extensions to your natural hairs.

Idol Lash nourishes, moisturizes, and improves the appearance of the eyelashes. It contains clinically tested ingredients like Pentapeptide-17, honey extract, chamomile, alfalfa, arnica, Panthenol, wheat germ, collagen amino acid, jojoba oil, and numerous others. Because the compounds fortify hairs and prevent their fallout, Idol Lash will boost the volume and growth of lashes.

Why you should stop using fake lashes

Fake lashes fall out

Regularly gluing extensions will affect your health, in the long run. In many cases, the false lashes cause the falling of the natural hairs. When the glue contains formaldehyde, it increases the chance to get allergic reactions and infections, based on an article published on It’s better to just use plain mascara or an eyelash enhancer, instead of putting your health at risk with extensions.

Use Idol Lash and your lashes will reach their full potential. The eyelashes will look longer, thicker, and more voluminous naturally. If extensions last several weeks, the results obtained with Idol Lash will never go away. Your natural hairs will grow in less than one month of treatment. The best thing about it is that you will not experience any negative effects. Moreover, the growth serum will prolong the lifespan of hairs, and you will enjoy fuller lashes permanently.

Idol Lash will change your mind

It’s true that some fake lashes look amazing. Maybe you’ve had several pairs by now, and nothing bad happened. But what if the next time when you will remove them, the falsies will fall together with your real hairs? You probably did not know, but the falsies attract bacteria and dirt, and you can get pink eye more easily. Furthermore, the eyes become more sensitive, in time, and you will reach the point when you will not be able to use any beauty products on the eyelids.

Are you using fake lashes a lot? Here’s how Idol Lash will change your mind. The growth serum will elongate the existing lashes by 25%, and their density will improve by 82%. If you are addicted to falsies, at least limit their use to special occasions. Start using Idol Lash now, and you will never want to glue falsies again!