How to use Idol Lash – applying guide

Eyelashes are essential if you want to complete your look. Many women have tried mascara, but it comes with its drawbacks such as brittle and stiff eyelashes or even smudging it all over your eyes. Fake eyelashes have also been a very popular trend, but they often fail to provide a natural look. A better alternative to them is Idol Lash, which is a conditioner that stimulates their growth, ensuring a natural and safe look.

How to use Idol Lash

How does it work?

If your eyelashes are short, fragile or you just want to improve your appearance, this product is ideal for you. This eyelash enhancer will finally make your eyes pop, completing your look while also making sure that the hairs get all the nutrients needed to maintain their health and even prevent them from falling out anymore.

The ingredients of Idol Lash are carefully selected to offer natural support and boost the hair growth to ensure long, full and beautiful eyelashes. It contains Nettle extract which is very effective in promoting hair production and also strengthens the shaft of your eyelashes. Honey extract maintains the glowing and healthy look the hair strands and even protects them against dryness. Kelp extract is rich in vitamins and minerals which is exactly what your eyelashes need for a fuller look.

Idol Lash also provides the needed nutrients for the hair to grow, like keratin. It is a solid structure responsible for the strength of your hairs which stops it from falling out, and it will increase the density of eyelashes. It will also strengthen the roots of each hair strand which means they will last longer than ever. Other ingredients include cocoyl, chamomile extract, polypeptides and moisturizing agents that work together perfectly to improve the durability of your lashes and give you the desired look.

How do I apply it?

According to Idol Lash reviews it is extremely easy to apply, and it only takes 5 minutes. All you need to do is remove your makeup using a mild, gentle cleanser. Apply Idol Lash on your eyelashes using the brush that comes along with the product. You should apply it at the base of the upper and lower line to stimulate the roots of the hair follicles and along the hairs as well using the brush. Be careful not to get any of the product in your eyes as it may harm them and can cause irritation. You should use it once a day, and it’s best to do it before you go to bed. This way, the product will make your eyelashes grow while you are sleeping.

The brush provides enough liquid for all the lashes on both of your eyes, which makes it even simpler to use. This beauty product works while you’re sleeping and you can see the results within weeks if you use it regularly.

Thanks to its very efficient ingredients, you don’t need to envy anymore the celebrities you see on TV for their stunning eyelashes. You can easily obtain this result yourself by regularly using Idol Lash.