Should you use eyelash extensions?

They certainly represent a solution for those who want longer eyelashes quickly. New eyelash extensions look quite natural and they certainly help you look amazing within minutes or hours, but there are cautions involved if you really consider this solution. Are you willing to put your natural lashes at risk?

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Idol Lash is one of the latest trends among fashionable people because it provides longer, darker and denser eyelashes in a natural and healthy way. Having in its powerful formula natural ingredients that boost eyelashes growth and intensify their colour, this eyelash enhancer is a natural, safe and effective solution for women who wish to look great naturally. Due to Idol Lash, eyelashes will be longer, darker, more voluminous and significantly more appealing within only a few weeks and the consumers will not experience any negative side effects, nor risk their natural eyelashes.

There are many different types of eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions should be applied by a good technician in case if this is the option you select. Most women do not even have the time and patience required to apply lash extensions, because this procedure takes about two hours. According to the look you wish to achieve, you can choose from cluster lash extensions, individual lash extensions and strip lash extensions, which can be applied with temporary, semi-permanent or permanent glues. The false eyelashes can be waterproof, with different colours, thicknesses and lengths and they can provide a dramatic, glamorous or natural look.

But you should be aware of the consequences that might arise when applying and wearing lash extensions. Allergy reactions can occur because of the glue utilized and the fake lashes can fall down together with your natural eyelashes. Individual lashes are not applied on skin, as they are glued to the natural lash. Some eyelash extensions cannot be worn in the shower, when sleeping or at swimming pool and not all types of false lashes allow using mascara and other cosmetic products. Most of eyelash extensions come with their own maintenance products and it should not be ignored the fact that the most resistant and glamorous lashes can be a little too pricey.

Instead of applying risky and expensive eyelash extensions you could opt for a natural eyelash enhancer. Idol Lash will stimulate eyelashes growth and your lashes will be just as long as they would look if you would wear fake eyelashes. With Idol Lash you do not have to worry about your health or your natural eyelashes, because there is no risk involved. Eyelashes will become longer, darker and thicker in a healthy way within only a few weeks. In fact, this is the only disadvantage of natural eyelash enhancers: hair growth takes time and the results will be noticed after a while.

By using Idol Lash once per day for three-four weeks, you will achieve the results desired and your eyelashes will look amazing in a natural and safe way. Why would you opt for eyelash extensions, when you have Idol Lash to boost your lashes in a healthy way and achieve longer, darker and more voluminous eyelashes naturally?