Why sharing your mascara with your bestie is bad for you

Sharing everything with your best friend is a sign of a robust and comfortable relationship. However, while your generosity knows no limits when it comes to your BFF, you should know that using the same eye makeup may be extremely harmful to both of you. Read on to find out the health risks posed by shared mascara and what can you do to heal its adverse side effects!

Idol Lash eliminates bacteria from mascara


Sharing mascara causes eye infections

The worst thing that can happen to your plans of growing longer, thicker eyelashes is an eye infection. This undesired condition may easily result from using the same mascara as your friend, or anybody else for that matter. Cosmetics gather bacteria and viruses with maximum ease, and you can easily get a damaging irritation to your eyelids and lashes.

In case you have already shared your mascara with other people, you might notice a slight irritation in and around the eyelids. Redness and even peeling may occur. At this point, you have to stop using any cosmetics that you have previously shared with your friends. Next, keep your eyelids constantly hydrated and use Idol Lash to regain the full health of your eyelashes. This natural remedy for short, stubby lashes helps you grow thicker and denser hair on your eyelids without affecting your health.

You risk a bacterial outbreak when using your friend’s makeup

There are certain parts of your body, such as the eyes, the tongue and the genitals that contain something that doctors call “personalized bacteria.” It is a collection of small viruses to which your body has built immunity. When you use everyday cosmetics like mascara, the bacteria stick to them, and it can easily transfer to another host if you share beautifying products with your friend. This unhealthy practice may lead to a bacterial outbreak that can produce irreparable damage to your eyelids and eyelashes.

Your best choice is to refuse your best friend’s plea of using your mascara and also refrain from using their eyeliner. However, if you have already taken part in this exchange, you may want to consider immediate remedial action. Use Idol Lash to eliminate the alien bacteria from your eyelids and strengthen their immunity. This natural eyelash enhancement keeps your lashes healthy and supports their steady development.

Borrowed eyeliners may carry a staph infection

One of the most significant health risks produced by borrowed mascara is a staph infection. Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis are two viruses that may be lurking in your eye makeup. According to this medical research, the infections that derive from them can lead to severe side effects for your skin and eyes. In some cases, patients have to undergo extensive antibiotic treatment to regain their health.

Keeping your mascara well-guarded from your friends is a safe way to keep a staph infection at bay. Another good strategy is using Idol Lash regularly to protect the hair on your eyelids and improve the health and the size of your eyelashes. This organically sourced cosmetic increases your immunity to free radicals and sustains long-term eyelash enhancement.