Lash extensions or eyelash enhancer?

Because we all want to possess long, beautiful and thick eyelashes, this is a question that troubles most women of all over the world. What is the best option between lash extensions and eyelash enhancer? They both offer us the result expected, longer eyelashes, but how effective and safe they are and what are the consequences?


When it comes to our beauty, we are willing to sacrifice a lot of money, effort and even our health, unfortunately. We are willing to go through surgery to achieve the silhouette desired, we suffer from food cravings to lose weight and we are ready to apply fake lashes to get longer and more voluminous lashes, even though it can leave us without our precious lashes.

Yes, scientists and doctors have stated that lash extensions are not quite a safe and healthy option. They are not sterile and those who are made of poly-nylon blend can lead to infections. Even more, the spaces in the fibers enable bacteria to live here and in this warm and wet environment bacteria will certainly thrive, causing infections and other eye problems. Some fake eyelashes will make natural lashes fall down and women will remain with less voluminous eyelashes.

Based on what scientists say, using an eyelash enhancer represents the best way to achieve longer, darker and denser eyelashes. Idol Lash is one of the latest trends in fashionable society. This eyelash enhancer provides outstanding results in lengthening the eyelashes, increasing their density and improving their appeal, helping women get more beautiful eyelashes naturally.

Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer consists in a topical solution that has to be applied once a day at the base of the upper and lower lashline with the special applicator. The ingredients go directly to the root of eyelashes, stimulating their growth, repairing any damaged follicles and prolonging the lifespan of eyelash, while they will also grow longer, denser, darker and thicker, all these in only one month.

Because this eyelash enhancer is made of natural ingredients like Honey Extract, Keratin, Kelp, Cocoyl, Chamomile, polypeptides, proteins, moisturizing agents and vitamins, Idol Lash is a natural, safe and healthy option that will efficiently provide longer eyelashes without harming the health of the consumers, nor causing the loss of eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions can be made of faux fur, real fur or synthetic and they have different thicknesses. Mink and sable lashes offer a natural look, they are quite comfortable, light and soft, but the glue utilized to stick them on eyelid or on the natural eyelashes can cause numerous disadvantages. This glue can cause allergies, eyes infections and numerous other problems and natural eyelashes can fall down together with the fake eyelashes.

You cannot go to shower or pool with most types of eyelashes and they require special care and attention. Regardless if they are individual, strip or cluster lashes, these extensions can be applied with different types of glues, more or less safe.

When having to choose between eyelash extensions and natural eyelash enhancer, it is important to note down what you wish to accomplish, while also considering the safety of the method selected. Eyelash extensions offer an amazing volume in only a few hours, while natural growth of eyelashes can take a few weeks.

But Idol Lash will stimulate the growth of eyelashes in a healthy, natural and safe way, making eyelashes become longer, darker, fuller and thicker naturally, without involving possible infections or allergies. It was scientifically proved that Idol Lash eyelash enhancer represents the safe and healthy alternative to eyelash extensions.

What option would you take to get longer and fuller eyelashes? Would you risk your own health to achieve more appealing eyelashes, knowing that you have the opportunity to get the results expected in a healthy and natural way?