How to reverse eyelash loss during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful period in the life of every woman. The promise of life and a new beginning is enough to excite every mommy-to-be. However, during this stage, you may experience several side effects like hormonal imbalance, weight gain, and even eyelash loss.

Reverse Eyelash Loss During Pregnancy

If you see fewer hairs growing on your eyelids while you are pregnant, you do not need to panic! In fact, you can reverse this negative consequence of child-bearing by following this simple guide:

Understand eyelash growth

The first thing to do when you see your eyelashes leaving your eyelids during pregnancy is to understand their growth. The tiny strands that develop around your eyes are there for your protection, and they increase in numbers depending on your biological processes. A slight hormonal imbalance similar to those that occur during child-bearing stages is enough to cause your lashes to fall.

Fortunately, you can survive and overcome a hormonal disruption with proficient nutrition. While the follicles on your eyelids do not receive the same support from your body’s internal processes, you can supply them with precious nutrients externally. In this regard, your best choice is using Idol Lash – best eyelash enhancer rich in vitamins and minerals that revive your follicles and increase eyelash production in just a few weeks.

Causes for lash loss when pregnant

According to medical studies, another reason for eyelash loss during pregnancy is an underactive thyroid. Also known as hypothyroidism, this condition affects the health of your hair, nails, and skin. It means that every cell on your body that is capable of producing tiny threads loses this ability at least temporary.

Many pregnant women suffer from hair loss, and some of them continue to see their eyelashes falling in significant numbers long after they have given birth. The good news is that you can undergo treatment for hypothyroidism and gradually restore your natural looks. Furthermore, you can boost lash growth by merely using Idol Lash consistently before and after childbirth.

How to regrow your eyelashes

Idol Lash is perfectly safe to use during pregnancy. It uses a unique blend of herbal extracts, vitamins and organic acids that does not interfere with any specific medication you may take during this period. This entirely natural beauty enhancement treatment has been clinically tested and approved for human use by medical authorities. It does not cause any adverse side effects, and it can easily replace other cosmetic products that contain health-threatening chemicals.

Long-term eyelash care

Post-pregnancy side effects like eyelash loss may last between six months and two years. During this time, your body goes through several changes that include hormonal reestablishment and nutritional rebalancing. However, natural hair growth may take more than two years. Some women never regain their ability to grow healthy, thick hair anywhere on their bodies, including on their eyelids.

To ensure the natural development of thick, full eyelashes after childbirth you need to use Idol Lash regularly and for an extended period. Long-term applications nourish your follicles and keep hair growth stable and abundant.