How to grow thicker eyelashes without Vaseline

Since the dawn of time women have developed all sorts of gimmicks to enhance their beauty. Nowadays, there is not a single part of the female body that cannot be improved with cosmetics or artificial devices, and eyelashes do not make an exception.

Grow Thicker Eyelashes Without Vaseline

In their desire to increase sex appeal, women have discovered that longer, thicker lashes improve their good looks. As a result, they use a wide variety of substances that lengthen the hairs on their eyelids, among which Vaseline holds a preferential place in spite of its dangerous side effects. Fortunately, there are simpler and safer ways to grow darker eyelashes quickly and with minimum effort.

How Vaseline affects your eyelashes

Vaseline is a substance obtained from petroleum that has been used in several products over the years, including cosmetics. For almost two centuries it was a base ingredient of beauty products due to its moisturizing properties. Many eyelash enhancers still use it today to keep the skin around the lashes well-hydrated throughout the growth process.

Unfortunately, medical research has revealed that Vaseline is terrible for you. Extensive use of this gel-like substance leads to several health complications and allergic reactions. Some of the side effects produced by Vaseline use on the eyelashes include:

  • Irritations
  • Redness around the eyes
  • Clogged Pores
  • Constant burning sensation
  • Temporary blindness

You may suffer from one or all of these side effects if you use Vaseline as an eyelash enhancer. Furthermore, this jelly is water repellant, which means that you cannot wash it away with regular tap water. You need to use a particular cleanser and go through several makeup-free days to allow your eyes and skin to recover.

Grow thicker eyelashes with zero side effects

A much safer and simpler solution for eyelash enhancement is using Idol Lash eyelash enhancer. This beauty product uses an entirely natural composition of herbal extracts and vitamins that have been proven to elongate lashes with zero side effects.

Idol Lash is easy to use and does not affect your skin or your eyes. It is a long-term remedy for stubby lashes that you can use in the privacy of your home. Daily applications regenerate the follicles on your eyelids and boost their hair production. It only takes a few months of regular use to lengthen your eyelashes and improve your good looks.

Boost your beauty naturally

The secret to growing thicker and fuller lashes is in the nutrients that you use to feed your body. Hair growth requires plenty of vitamins and minerals that keep your follicles active and productive. In the best possible scenario where you do not suffer any adverse side effects, Vaseline can only hold your eyelids hydrated. Regarding nourishment, it brings nothing new to the table.

You can find all the necessary nutrients for natural eyelash growth in Idol Lash. This beauty enhancer uses herbal extracts and organic acids to help you grow thicker and longer eyelashes. It provides a higher level of hydration than Vaseline, and it ensures long-term support for thick, dark lashes without risking your health.