Cosmetic mistakes that make you look older

Cosmetics that make you look older

Medical studies have revealed that long, thick eyelashes are not only a sign of beauty but health as well. Every woman wants to possess them, but many make irreparable cosmetic mistakes that keep the hairs on their eyelids short and stubby. You can be the victim of your negligence and ruin your perfect lashes with silly errors. Here are some of the missteps that keep you from growing full, dark eyelashes:

Sleeping with your makeup on

Sleeping without removing the makeup may seem harmless every once in a while, but if it happens too often, you risk damaging your skin completely. If makeup stays too long on your face, it enters the pores and damages the follicles on your eyelids. Also, the mascara tends to dry and make your eyelashes stiff and breakable, which in turn make you look older than you are.

Try to remove makeup before going to bed every night and apply Idol Lash to help your eyelids recover from the stress induced by chemical makeup. This natural treatment nourishes your eyelashes with precious nutrients that allow them to grow long, thick and healthy.

Using the wrong beauty products

When it comes to removing makeup, one of the cosmetics that are extremely difficult to clear away is waterproof mascara. It may help you avoid smudges, but when it comes to taking it off, it can be a real challenge for both your lashes and your patience. This type of product is commonly oversaturated with chemical compounds that destroy your eyelashes and makes them susceptible to easy breakage.

A much safer and efficient way of keeping your eyelashes stunningly beautiful and long is using best eyelash growth serum UK: Idol Lash. As opposed to waterproof mascara, this potent treatment for thick lashes keeps the hairs on your eyelids dense and strong. Regular use prevents them from becoming fragile or from breaking easily.

Applying expired mascara

Waterproof mascara seems like the worst type of cosmetic that you can use for your eyelashes. However, there is another product that will damage your good looks even more: expired mascara. Eye makeup that has gone over the expiration date is a tempting target for bacteria. While you think that you are elongating your lashes, you are in fact infecting them with viruses that may cause rashes, irritations and their eventual destruction.

Naturally, the easiest way to prevent this mistake is to check the expiration date on the eyeliner before applying it. However, an even better solution to expired mascara is the use of a natural eyelash enhancer that you can apply for months in a row without risking your health. In this regard, your best choice is Idol Lash – an organically sourced lash strengthener that gives you longer, thicker eyelashes in just a few weeks.

Using eyelash extensions

Last, but not least, the worst thing mistake that you can do when it comes to enhancing your beauty is using eyelash extensions. These false, artificial lashes can produce permanent damage to your skin and follicles.

The safest and most efficient way of sporting longer, fuller eyelashes is to use Idol Lash on a daily basis. This clinically tested cosmetic contains only organic ingredients that boost follicle regeneration and increase the size of your lashes without hurting your eyelids.