The best eyelash enhancer growth serum

Mascara has revolutionized the makeup world. For decades, women used the magic brush and black solution for their eyelashes. But when the eyelash extensions were invented and became popular with the general public between 1930 and 1960, the consumers thickened their lashes with fringe false hairs. In current days, it’s even easier to grow your own lashes with Idol Lash. Learn everything you need to know about the best eyelash enhancer growth serum.

Eyelash extensions vs. growth serum

Before and after eyelash serum

You want to achieve the elephant lashes of your dreams, but you don’t know what to choose between extensions and growth serum. Attaching fake hairs to the eyelid or even to the lashes can result in unwanted effects. Sometimes, the glue used to stick the extensions causes an allergic reaction and even infections, according to Because Idol Lash growth serum contains 100% natural ingredients, will enlarge the eyelashes safely.

If you decide on extensions, make sure that the beauty salon is specialized in the procedure. The fake lashes are a semi-permanent solution, and the glue will keep the synthetic lashes close to your real ones. Unfortunately, the beauty habit could lead to hair loss, among other adverse effects. Why should you choose Idol Lash UK? It makes your natural lashes thicker, longer, and darker permanently. Plus, you can use it on eyebrows, too, and accomplish similar results.

Idol Lash is a must-have beauty product in the year 2018. The natural ingredients are applied to your eyelashes with the brush. The components nourish hairs and promote their growth and lengthening naturally. As a consequence, Idol Lash with give you the full and feathery lashes that most women achieve only with extensions.

How to use the best serum for lashes

The greatest advantage of Idol Lash is the ease of use. You apply it just like mascara; but instead of making your lashes darker, the growth serum will elongate and thicken the eyelashes. Use Idol Lash for 2 weeks, and you will achieve incredible effects: 82% increase in density and 25% improvement in lash length, according to the clinical trials.

First of all, you have to remove any makeup products. Cleanse your face thoroughly with gentle solutions, then apply the serum before going to bed. Use Idol Lash eyelash enhancer growth serum regularly, and in 1-2 weeks of treatment, you will obtain noticeable results. The lashes will not grow overnight. But after a while, you will observe that the eyelashes are thicker, more curved, and more appealing. You will no longer have to put on any mascara!

The best eyelash enhancer growth serum is available in the Idol Lash official website. If you order more than 2 packages, you will get 2 products for free. The manufacturer is so confident that you will love the serum that they offer a solid money back guarantee. Stop wasting pretious moments at the beauty salon, waiting for the extensions to stick to your eyelid. Start using Idol Lash and convince yourself it is the best growth serum for thicker, longer, and sexier eyelashes!

Using fake lashes a lot? Here’s how you will change your mind

Numerous women still believe that achieving longer and fuller lashes without extensions is too good to be true. They keep on visiting their favourite beauty salon, where the specialist will stick the fake lashes to the real ones. Sometimes, glue enters the eye, and side effects appear. Have you ever heard of Idol Lash? If you are using fake lashes a lot, here is how you will change your mind.

How to improve eyelashes growth naturally

Magical lashes will surround your big eyes without falsies or extensions. The professionals from the Idol Lash team have developed a potent eyelash enhancer growth serum that works wonders in weeks of use. Because it is formulated with natural ingredients that increase the length and density of the lashes, you can make your biggest dream come true and stop attaching extensions to your natural hairs.

Idol Lash nourishes, moisturizes, and improves the appearance of the eyelashes. It contains clinically tested ingredients like Pentapeptide-17, honey extract, chamomile, alfalfa, arnica, Panthenol, wheat germ, collagen amino acid, jojoba oil, and numerous others. Because the compounds fortify hairs and prevent their fallout, Idol Lash will boost the volume and growth of lashes.

Why you should stop using fake lashes

Fake lashes fall out

Regularly gluing extensions will affect your health, in the long run. In many cases, the false lashes cause the falling of the natural hairs. When the glue contains formaldehyde, it increases the chance to get allergic reactions and infections, based on an article published on It’s better to just use plain mascara or an eyelash enhancer, instead of putting your health at risk with extensions.

Use Idol Lash and your lashes will reach their full potential. The eyelashes will look longer, thicker, and more voluminous naturally. If extensions last several weeks, the results obtained with Idol Lash will never go away. Your natural hairs will grow in less than one month of treatment. The best thing about it is that you will not experience any negative effects. Moreover, the growth serum will prolong the lifespan of hairs, and you will enjoy fuller lashes permanently.

Idol Lash will change your mind

It’s true that some fake lashes look amazing. Maybe you’ve had several pairs by now, and nothing bad happened. But what if the next time when you will remove them, the falsies will fall together with your real hairs? You probably did not know, but the falsies attract bacteria and dirt, and you can get pink eye more easily. Furthermore, the eyes become more sensitive, in time, and you will reach the point when you will not be able to use any beauty products on the eyelids.

Are you using fake lashes a lot? Here’s how Idol Lash will change your mind. The growth serum will elongate the existing lashes by 25%, and their density will improve by 82%. If you are addicted to falsies, at least limit their use to special occasions. Start using Idol Lash now, and you will never want to glue falsies again!

How can you make your eyelashes grow using natural products?

It is the dream of all women to possess luxuriously long eyelashes. It’s the main reason why they invest in posh lash extensions and expensive mascaras. The results are somehow satisfying. But a percentage of the consumers will suffer from side effects after trying the beauty products. Have you tried Idol Lash? Here’s how can you make your eyelashes grow using natural products.

Natural remedies and products for hair growth

Lash extensions will soon be history! More and more manufacturers strive to produce a powerful eyelashes growth serum, and numerous consumers are willing to trust their word. If some beauty products contain natural ingredients that nourish and elongate the lashes naturally, others have irritant compounds that you should avoid. Here is a list of natural remedies that promote the eyelashes growth:

  • Lemon juice
  • Wheat germ
  • Bitter Orange Flower extract
  • Alfalfa extract
  • Nettle extract
  • Honey extract
  • Kelp
  • Chamomile oil

When they are used alone, the plant extracts work wonders for the health and appearance of lashes. But they are combined and work synergistically in the form of the Idol Lash serum. When you use it daily for at least 2 weeks, Idol Lash will promote the growth of hairs and boost the lash density. Because it should be applied similarly to mascara, many consumers praise the ease of use.

How to make your eyelashes grow at home

Grown eyelashes using natural ingredients

Have you ever considered massaging the eyelids? The practice increases the blood circulation and accelerates the absorption of the nutrients from the growth serum. Don’t rub your eyes, as it may irritate them. Put a few drops of essential oil on the eyelids and gently massage it using your fingertips. Employ small and circular motions along the lids and lash line for approximately 5 minutes, then apply Idol Lash on the upper and lower lids, as well. Massage will increase the hair thickness, as it was demonstrated on US National Libraries of Medicine’s website.

Promote the development of eyelashes by brushing them. It will help remove the dirt, dust, and makeup residues from the pores. Plus, brushing with the Idol Lash applicator will encourage the blood flow so that more nutrients will be absorbed in the eyelashes follicles. Use a natural oil or the Idol Lash solution to brush the lashes using upward strokes. Always begin with the root and move up the lash tips. Brush for a couple of minutes once or twice per day, and in several weeks your lashes will become longer, fuller, and more appealing.

Why you should be using Idol Lash

Although you can choose from hundreds of growth serums, you should not put your health at risk with beauty products that contain potentially-allergenic ingredients. Idol Lash is manufactured with high-quality components that were thoroughly tested and prove to work in enhancing the length and density of lashes.

With Idol Lash, you can make your eyelashes grow using natural products. The amazing product can successfully replace a clear mascara, primer, and las-building serum. Start using Idol Lash and help your lashes reach their fullest potential!

Want to see Idol Lash negative reviews? Here is the truth.

The consumers have soon realized that the era of eyelash extensions will decline. With the eyelashes serums becoming popular, the producers of false lashes would have done anything to promote their products and attract the attention of the undecided women. You hear about the benefits of falsies, but you can barely find about the side effects. Have you ever used Idol Lash? Maybe you are here because you want to see Idol Lash negative reviews. Here is the truth.

About the Idol Lash negative reviews

IdolLash development

Dozens of internet pages contain negative reviews of the Idol Lash growth serum. Did they even try the beauty product? The manufacturers have conducted a clinical trial and demonstrated that 2 weeks of use would lead to 82% increase in eyelash density and 25% improvement in length. If you purchase the serum from the Idol Lash official website, you benefit from a money back guarantee and can get 2 packages for free, under certain conditions.

Maybe the negative reviews are given by consumers who did not order the product from the official web store. There’s a great chance they bought a copycat that did not provide the results expected. When you apply Idol Lash according to the instructions, you will achieve the benefits promised in approximately one month.

In many consumer reviews, women admitted that they forgot to use Idol Lash every day. Some of them wrote positive reviews and said that the serum worked in 4 weeks. The bald patches are covered in lashes, and the thickness of hairs has increased considerably. When you don’t remember to use Idol Lash properly, you cannot expect for the best effects!

The truth about eyelashes growth

The natural ingredients included in the Idol Lash formula will promote the eyelashes growth. You can say goodbye to fake lashes! Instead of gluing the extensions every several weeks, you will grow your own elephant lashes without putting your health at risk. Did you know that falsies increase the risk of infections and eye problems? Take a look on’s Q&A section and discover the truth about fake eyelashes.

Massaging the eyelids and brushing the lashes will promote the natural growth of hairs. Massaging alone will increase the hair thickness, the reason why you should employ small, circular movements along the lid twice daily. Use essential oils mixed with a carrier oil and stimulate the lash growth safely. It is considerably better than gluing falsies to your natural hairs!

When you will see the results

You probably read the Idol Lash reviews and already know that the results will not appear overnight. Some consumers accomplish the results dreamed in less than one month. But others need to use Idol Lash regularly for 4-6 months until the eyelashes will become longer, fuller, and darker.

Do you want to see Idol Lash negative results?

Here is the truth:

Most of them were probably invented or written by consumers who did not even used the original product. Order Idol Lash from the official website and give us your honest opinion. Doesn’t it worth to grow your own lashes, instead of risking your natural hairs with falsies?

Where to buy the eyelash enhancer from Idol Lash reviews?

Although eyelash extensions have increased in popularity, numerous women cannot use them. It happens because of various reasons. Some ladies don’t want to stick the fake lashes on the eyelid, while others are allergic to the glue. With Idol Lash, you will stimulate the natural growth of hairs and obtain beautiful natural lashes naturally. Do you know where to buy the eyelash enhancer from Idol Lash reviews?

What are the Idol Lash reviews?

The beauty product recommended in Idol Lash reviews is 100% safe and efficient. Here, women admitted that they experienced side effects after gluing fake lashes to the natural hairs. Based on this piece of research, eyelash extensions increase the risk of ocular disorders, such as allergic blepharitis and keratoconjunctivitis. But Idol Lash is one of the best natural eyelash enhancers available in the UK.

Most of the consumer reviews were positive. Women who applied Idol Lash as instructed accomplished the results desired in several weeks of use. Noticeable modifications appear soon after beginning treatment with the Eyelash Enhancer. The natural lashes will become fuller, longer, and darker. A handful of customers applied it on the eyebrows, too, and described their incredible results in their honest testimonials. The clinical trial showed that lashes have increased by 82% in only two weeks of use. However, you should keep in mind that each body is unique, and we react differently when we use the same product.

Where can you buy the best eyelash enhancer?

Where to buy IdolLash eyelash products

Some fake eyelashes look fabulous. But the effects go away after a short period. It’s not uncommon to forget about them and start rubbing your eyes, causing the fall of the extensions. Do you know what happens if glue gets in your eyes? Several Idol Lash reviews explain what women had to endure after inserting adhesive accidentally into their eyes. That’s the reason why they refused using fake lashes and started to use Idol Lash.

It contains 100% natural ingredients that protect the lashes and encourage their growth. Many ladies who ordered the serum recommend it as the best eyelash enhancer in the UK. The beauty product is available on the Idol Lash official store and will cost you considerably less than a pair of extensions. Do you know how to use it? Open the product and use the applicator brush on the lash lines like you would use the mascara. Use it daily before bedtime, on the clean face, and after removing any makeup.

Did any of your friends use Idol Lash? If you are tired of wearing lash extensions that fall after only a few days, consider using a natural eyelash enhancer. Beautify your own lashes and forget about spending hours gluing fake hairs at the cosmetician. Read the real consumer reviews, learn how Idol Lash works, and convince yourself it is a better choice than extensions.

You learned where to buy the eyelash enhancer promoted in the Idol Lash reviews. Get the serum from the official website, and discover why celebrities praise Idol Lash!

Get longer eyelashes in a natural way

Though we all want them, the truth is that not all of us are blessed with long and thick eyelashes. Long eyelashes represent the dream of any woman and even men make use of mascara or gels to make their eyelashes look bigger. During her lifetime, a woman will spend about $4,000 on mascara. But did you know that you can actually reduce these costs by using a natural eyelash enhancer? By using regularly Idol Lash, you can make your natural lashes grow longer, darker and more voluminous therefore you will no longer have to apply multiple layers of mascara to achieve the look desired.

Can Idol Lash help you get longer eyelashes?

eyelash 10Idol Lash is one of the most popular choices of women who wish to make their eyelashes grow in a natural and healthy way. Containing ingredients that repair the follicles, strengthen lashes and stimulate the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes, Idol Lash supports women fulfill their dream of getting longer and darker eyelashes naturally. They will no longer have to spend a fortune on mascaras and fake eyelashes do not even have to be considered, since the natural lashes will grow denser and more voluminous than ever.

This powerful eyelash enhancer contains in it formula natural compounds extracted from Alfalfa, Honey, Kelp, Nettle, Arnica Montana and Jojoba Seed Oil as well as many vitamins, minerals and proteins that enhance the density, stimulate the growth and intensify the color of eyelashes in a natural and safe way. This amazing product is non-irritating and it does not cause any unwanted side effects, because it is all-natural and the consumers will experience only benefits. Within just 28 days of using Idol Lash, the natural eyelashes will be with 82% denser, they will be significantly longer and the consumers will also enhance the health of their eyelashes.

Because of this highly efficient eyelash enhancer, women who use it will get longer eyelashes in a natural way. Idol Lash is a safer and better alternative to other products such as mascaras or false eyelashes. Long-term use of mascara will lead to damage of lashes, fine lines around eyes and even dark under eye circles, while applying false eyelashes can make the natural lashes fall off. The glue used to stick the lashes on the eyelid can trigger allergic reactions, swelling and itching, but you can actually get longer eyelashes naturally in just one month of using Idol Lash.

In order to naturally increase the length and density of eyelashes, the consumers will have to apply Idol Lash directly on the eyelid with the special applicator at night after removing the make-up, before going to sleep. Both the manufacturers and women who already used Idol Lash report that noticeable results will appear after only a few weeks. The formula also contains polypeptides, moisturizing agents and proteins, so the benefits of using Idol Lash include adding elasticity to lashes, improving their volume, stimulating their rejuvenating and promoting the protection against breakage.

If you want to get longer eyelashes in a healthy, safe and natural way, stop wasting your money on various types of mascaras or false eyelashes that can harm your health. Use Idol Lash every night for a few weeks and your natural lashes will be considerably longer, denser, darker and more appealing in a healthy way!

Best eyelash growth treatment

Women would do just about anything to make themselves look better and younger. They spend thousands of dollars during lifetime on cosmetic products and some of them go even further, by going under the knife and having surgical procedures to hide the signs of aging. Because eyes are considered to be the mirror of the soul, any woman wants to have the most beautiful eyes, surrounded by long, voluminous and intensely black eyelash. Idol Lash is the best eyelash growth treatment that has taken fashion world by the storm because it naturally enhances the length, beauty and health of eyelashes.

Why is Idol Lash the best eyelash growth treatment?

idollash best eyelash growth treatmentWhile some women use tons of mascara and many different cosmetic products that make eyelashes appear longer and more voluminous, others choose to apply fake eyelashes that can result in damaging and losing the natural lashes. But Idol Lash has been developed to naturally enhance eyelashes length and volume, to make them grow longer and healthier without causing negative side effects and without leading to eyelashes fall.

Idol Lash is one of the best eyelash growth products because it offers the results desired in just a month of treatment. Containing in its highly effective formula only natural ingredients, Idol Lash can be used even by women with sensitive skin. The compounds nourish follicles, stimulate lashes growth, enhance their health and intensify their color in a natural, safe and healthy way. Working on eyebrows too, Idol Lash will help women look more beautiful naturally, so their mirror of the soul will be surrounded by longer, fuller and more appealing lashes.

Why would they use fake lashes or tons of mascara, when women can achieve longer and darker lashes by following the treatment with the best eyelash growth product? All it takes is applying Idol Lash on a daily basis on eyelids and eyebrows and within just 28 days positive results will be achieved. Idol Las has been clinically tested to be safe and effective and numerous women have obtained by now bigger eyelashes naturally due to the best eyelash growth treatment.

Idol Lash’s formula consists in a powerful blend of natural herb extracts, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that nourish skin and follicles and stimulate their natural growth. By applying mascara too often eyelashes can become fragile and damaged, falling off when removing the mascara. But Idol Lash can assist women with eyelashes that are too short or too damaged, because the ingredients of the best eyelash growth product will accelerate the healing process and promote the growth of lashes in a secure way and without causing any adverse effects.

During a clinical trial with Idol Lash that lasted four weeks, the subjects had to use the product nightly s directed. The results were outstanding: 25% increase in eyelashes length and 82% increase in eyelash thickness. Therefore they attained substantial visible growth in only one month of use, so it is not a surprise why Idol Las is indeed one of the best eyelash growth treatments.

Stop wasting your money on fake eyelashes and bottles of mascara that will offer you only temporary results. Use Idol Lash on a daily basis and enjoy achieving permanent and noticeable results. Due to Idol Lash, your eyelashes and eyebrows will be longer, thicker, more voluminous and darker naturally and you will be finally convinced that this is the best eyelash growth treatment.

Beautiful lashes – Best way to achieve them

They say that beauty comes with a price. You are aware of it and your wallet also proves this theory, because you spend a little fortune on your cosmetic products. You waste lots of money to buy the powders, creams, concealers, foundation, pencils, lipsticks and even for the tons of mascara you have to use in order to make your figure more appealing and for your eyelashes to appear longer, darker and more voluminous. But did you know that you can get beautiful lashes in a natural way, without using too many cosmetic products and without emptying your wallet and cards? Idol Lash is the best choice if you want to get longer, darker and fuller eyelashes in a healthy and natural way.

Why should you use Idol Lash?idol lash beautiful lashes

Being made of natural compounds and increasing significantly the length and volume of eyelashes naturally, Idol Lash can be considered a revolutionary product and many women have already used it as a safe, secure and healthy alternative to eyelash extensions. Fake eyelashes can be an option if you truly wish to get longer and more beautiful lashes, but they come with many risks and you might get to regret the decision of buying and using them. Not only because of their cost, but also due to the fact that the glue used to apply the eyelash extensions can cause allergies and irritations. When fake eyelashes will be removed, they might fall together with your natural lashes.

You should use Idol Lash instead of putting at risk your natural and beautiful lashes. Idol Lash is formulated with herbal extracts, minerals and vitamins necessary for the health of lashes. But these ingredients also nourish skin, strengthen follicles, enhance the quality and structure of eyelashes and stimulate their growth in a healthy and natural way. The ingredients work quite fast, knowing that eyelashes will be with 25% longer and their density will be enhanced by up to 82% within only one month of using Idol Lash.

The best way to achieve longer, darker and fuller eyelashes is by applying Idol Lash each day for 28 days. Several layers of mascara can do the trick too, but it will only offer temporary results. Even more, studies show that using mascara too often can result in damaged and fragile eyelashes, because they are prone to falling off, especially when removing the makeup. Instead of spending fortunes on expensive mascaras that will make your eyelashes look glamorous for just a few hours, you should use Idol Lash eyelash enhancer and achieve permanent results.

With the help offered by this amazing product your eyelashes will be stimulated to grow faster. Their color will be intensified and their volume will make you look more glamorous and appealing than ever. You will even succeed to save some money, because you will stop using too much mascara. Your natural lashes will become beautiful naturally and Idol Lash will help you fulfill your dream in just one blink of an eye.

Use Idol Lash to naturally enhance the length and density of your eyelashes. This eyelash enhancer will help you obtain beautiful lashes effortlessly without emptying your wallet and your appearance will be considerably improved in a healthy way.

Lashes growth with Idol Lash

Getting longer, darker and more seductive eyelashes in a natural and healthy way is, without any doubt, one of the strongest desires of all women. We all wish to get the celebrities owned fuller and appealing eyelashes, but did you know that you can actually achieve it without applying eyelash extensions? Idol Lash is one of the revolutionary products that took fashion world by the storm. This innovative product stimulates lashes growth, intensifies their color and enhances their density in a natural and safe way, without harming the health of the consumers.

Can Idol Lash stimulate lashes growth?

idol lash 6Almost any woman has made by now a few experiments with false eyelashes and played with cosmetic products to make her eyes look more glamorous and captivating. But instead of using many different products and applying multiple layers of mascara to get darker, longer and denser eyelashes, why don’t you naturally stimulate lashes growth with Idol Lash? This amazing product is composed of natural ingredients that strengthen hair follicles, nourish skin, intensify shine and bring your eyelashes to brand new heights.

The ingredients included in the powerful formula of Idol Lash are natural extracts of Honey, Kelp, Alfalfa, Chamomile and Nettle, making from this product a highly effective treatment for lashes growth. These ingredients are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, peptides and other nutrients significant for hair growth, but they also fortify follicles, stimulate blood flow, intensify lashes color and encourage lashes growth at a higher rate, all of these without causing unwanted adverse effects. Idol Lash is user-friendly, it can be easily applied and it has a non-irritant formula that makes it a suitable choice even for women with allergic reactions.

Idol Lash is an over-the-counter product that can be used without medical prescription. All you have to do is apply it on your eyelid before bedtime, for 28 days in a row and at the end of the treatment you will get noticeable results. During a clinical study performed on women between 24 and 82 years old, Idol Lash was proved to effectively increase eyelashes length with 25% and eyelashes thickness with 82%. There were no side effects reported and the consumers also improved the health of their eyelashes.

Dozens of products claim to stimulate lashes growth in a natural and healthy way, but the truth is that many of the treatments available on market can contain hidden ingredients that can harm your health and cause you allergies and irritations. Despite the fact that numerous women apply today false eyelashes, this is a risky method for eyelash enhancement. The glue used on eyelid or on natural lashes can cause allergies and when the fake eyelashes are removed, they can fall off together with the natural lashes.

Instead of risking your health or your natural eyelashes, you should opt for natural lashes growth. Longer, healthier looking eyelashes can be achieved in a healthy and safe way with Idol Lash, so forget about eyelash extensions and those layers of mascara. Stimulate lashes growth naturally and use Idol Lash to get longer, darker, more voluminous and seductive eyelashes in healthy way!

Best eyelash growth treatment

Any woman desires to have intensely longer lashes in a natural and healthy way. It is not a surprise anymore that eyelash growth treatments represent the latest boom in market and lots of products claim to offer the enhancement desired. However, eyelash extensions became too quite popular and they represent a great opportunity for women who wish to have longer eyelashes in a blink. Being such a wide variety of products and options to get longer eyelashes, how can someone decide upon the best eyelash growth method?

idol lash eyelash growthIdol Lash is a revolutionary eyelash growth treatment that delivers outstanding results in only 28 days of use. Being a natural treatment that stimulates eyelashes growth, strengthens lashes, enhances density, nourishes skin and improves the overall health of eyelashes, Idol Lash is among the best options that women have for natural lash enhancement.  This treatment is made of natural ingredients, enters quickly into the skin and leaves skin smooth and soft, but not greasy. The solution is non-irritant and hypoallergenic and can be used even on most sensitive skin without causing any adverse effects or irritations.

         Why is Idol Lash the best eyelash growth treatment?

Glamorous eyes with long, darker and beautiful eyelashes can make a huge difference in someone’s appearance. But applying eyelash extensions to get the improvement desired is not quite the best option available. Eyelash extensions involve a few risks, allergic reactions and the natural eyelashes can fall off, reason why not any woman is brave enough to put her health at risk. Natural eyelash growth treatments are a lot safer and they can also improve the health of eyelashes, not just their length and density.

Mascara is probably one of the most popular and favorite cosmetic products of all women. This product offers a significant increase in eyelashes thickness and length, while it also intensifies the color. But using mascara too often can results in loss of density and even fine lines around eyes, especially if mascara is not removed at night, before going to sleep. Instead of making use of tons of mascara, any woman who desires to lengthen the eyelashes should get the best eyelash growth treatment, Idol Lash.

Why choosing a method that offers temporary results, when at night you will have to remove it? After removing eyelash extensions or mascara, your natural eyelashes will seem even smaller and less dense than before. But by applying Idol Lash every day for just one month your natural eyelashes will grow stronger, longer, thicker and more voluminous permanently. Your natural look will be enhanced, because your eyes will shine more glamorous surrounded by longer, darker, stronger and more appealing eyelashes.

Many eyelash growth serums available on market claim to increase significantly your natural eyelashes, but those made of chemicals and using “advanced technology” are likely to cause allergic reactions and your lashes might even fall down. If you apply an eyelash enhancer, make sure it contains natural ingredients. Idol Lash is formulated with extracts of Chamomile, honey and Kelp, with many minerals, proteins and other nutrients required not just for lengthening the eyelashes, but also to improve their flexibility, structure and health.

If you want to benefit at maximum of your eyelash growth treatment, pay attention and get a product that will work on both eyelashes and eyebrows. Use Idol Lash to enhance naturally eyelashes and eyebrows. This innovative product will offer a significant boost in eyelashes length and density, while your eyebrows will look fuller too. Apply Idol Lash each day to get a fabulous look and be convinced that this eyelash growth treatment will improve the overall health of your eyelashes and eyebrows.