The best ingredients for eyelashes growth

Today getting voluminous and darker eyelashes is an achievable dream for anyone. Knowing that eyelashes can grow naturally with special treatments, supplements and ingredients that accelerate their growth and intensify their color, more and more ladies choose the natural eyelash accelerator instead of applying fake eyelashes.

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Idol Lash is one of the most popular eyelash accelerators that have taken fashion world by storm. The clinical studies performed on Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer proved that this amazing product can boost eyelashes length by 25% and eyelashes density by up to 82%. Containing natural ingredients that work on both eyelashes and eyebrows, Idol Lash supports ladies enhance their beauty and appeal without having to use numerous other cosmetic products, nor having to use eyelash extensions to achieve their dream of having longer, denser and darker eyelashes.

Having a powerful formula made of all-natural, hypoallergenic ingredients that do not irritate the skin and which leaves skin moisturized and smooth, Idol Lash stimulates eyelashes growth and prolongs their lifespan too. In only four weeks of treatment with Idol Lash, the consumers will achieve amazing results and their eyelashes will be longer, thicker, more voluminous and darker without experiencing negative side effects.

Idol Lash contains in its innovative formula Pentapeptide-17, Chamomile Extract, Cocoyl, Jojoba Oil, Nettle Extract, proteins, vitamins, keratin, Honey, Kelp, polypeptides and moisturizing agents that work together to provide longer, more voluminous and glamorous eyelashes.

Pentapeptide-17 is found in numerous cosmetic products – eyelash enhancers, mascaras and shampoos – because this ingredients delays signs of aging, nourishes the skin and realigns the building blocks of skin, this way allowing for a healthier and stronger foundation where eyelashes follicles will develop normally.  Pentapeptide-17 improves hair fullness, stimulates keratin in the eyelashes and enhances eyelashes length without causing unwanted side effects.

Chamomile Extract accelerates eyelashes growth, while it also improves their health and texture. Chamomile rejuvenates the eyelashes, provides an attractive shine to lashes, enhances their volume and improves the natural beauty of the consumers. Even more, this natural compound distresses the eye lids and prevents eyelashes from falling out.

Cocoyl has been included in the formula of Idol Lash because it provides a beautiful shine and improves eyelashes strength. Preventing the breakage of new eyelashes and strengthening the eyelash follicles, Cocoyl accelerates eyelashes growth and has excellent conditioning effect on hair.

Jojoba Oil is used alone by consumers who want to increase eyelashes growth at home. But mixed with the other ingredients included in the formula of Idol Lash, Jojoba Oil will enhance the eyelashes naturally, it will stimulate their growth and it will fortify and nourish the follicles. Jojoba Oil is also beneficial for eyebrows and the head on your head, intensifying their color as well.

Nettle Extract is included in the composition of numerous eyelash enhancers because it accelerates hair growth and stops the hair loss. It fortifies eyelash and eyebrows follicles and enhances their health, so eyelashes will grow longer and eyebrows will be denser.

Vitamins nourish skin and hair, stimulate the eyelashes and eyebrows growth and help them grow and live longer. Eyelashes and eyebrows will become thicker, healthier and denser and the consumers will appear amazing without having to use tones of mascara.

Keratin is a protein that is the basic building block that makes 91% of eyelashes, eyebrows and hair. This ingredient improves strength of eyelashes and makes them longer and denser in a natural and healthy way.

Honey has been used for centuries by women who did not have mascaras or other cosmetic products that could have provided them longer and denser eyelashes. Honey replenishes and fortifies eyelashes, it boosts eyelashes growth and conditions them, offering richness and thickness to eyelashes.

Kelp Extract adds to eyelashes a layer of protection against breakage and damage. Adding thickness and improving the strength of eyelashes, Kelp Extract is a wonderful ingredient for eyelashes growth.

Polypeptides are included in the composition of Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer because they offer the building blocks to enhance the girth, length and volume of eyelashes and eyebrows. Polypeptides naturally support stronger and more voluminous eyelashes, while the consumers will not experience any negative side effects.

Moisturizing agents offer more elasticity to eyelashes and eyebrows, increase their volume and stimulate their rejuvenation.

All these potent ingredients have been included in Idol Lash formula because they are natural and they do not irritate skin and eyes. In order to achieve longer, denser and darker eyelashes and eyebrows, the consumers will have to use Idol Lash only once per day, for 28 days and the results will be amazing.

Use the best ingredients for eyelashes growth and your natural beauty will be significantly enhanced. Take Idol Lash to boost the volume and length of your eyelashes safely and effectively and you will achieve your dream without having to use eyelash extensions.