The best eyelash enhancer growth serum

Mascara has revolutionized the makeup world. For decades, women used the magic brush and black solution for their eyelashes. But when the eyelash extensions were invented and became popular with the general public between 1930 and 1960, the consumers thickened their lashes with fringe false hairs. In current days, it’s even easier to grow your own lashes with Idol Lash. Learn everything you need to know about the best eyelash enhancer growth serum.

Eyelash extensions vs. growth serum

Before and after eyelash serum

You want to achieve the elephant lashes of your dreams, but you don’t know what to choose between extensions and growth serum. Attaching fake hairs to the eyelid or even to the lashes can result in unwanted effects. Sometimes, the glue used to stick the extensions causes an allergic reaction and even infections, according to Because Idol Lash growth serum contains 100% natural ingredients, will enlarge the eyelashes safely.

If you decide on extensions, make sure that the beauty salon is specialized in the procedure. The fake lashes are a semi-permanent solution, and the glue will keep the synthetic lashes close to your real ones. Unfortunately, the beauty habit could lead to hair loss, among other adverse effects. Why should you choose Idol Lash UK? It makes your natural lashes thicker, longer, and darker permanently. Plus, you can use it on eyebrows, too, and accomplish similar results.

Idol Lash is a must-have beauty product in the year 2018. The natural ingredients are applied to your eyelashes with the brush. The components nourish hairs and promote their growth and lengthening naturally. As a consequence, Idol Lash with give you the full and feathery lashes that most women achieve only with extensions.

How to use the best serum for lashes

The greatest advantage of Idol Lash is the ease of use. You apply it just like mascara; but instead of making your lashes darker, the growth serum will elongate and thicken the eyelashes. Use Idol Lash for 2 weeks, and you will achieve incredible effects: 82% increase in density and 25% improvement in lash length, according to the clinical trials.

First of all, you have to remove any makeup products. Cleanse your face thoroughly with gentle solutions, then apply the serum before going to bed. Use Idol Lash eyelash enhancer growth serum regularly, and in 1-2 weeks of treatment, you will obtain noticeable results. The lashes will not grow overnight. But after a while, you will observe that the eyelashes are thicker, more curved, and more appealing. You will no longer have to put on any mascara!

The best eyelash enhancer growth serum is available in the Idol Lash official website. If you order more than 2 packages, you will get 2 products for free. The manufacturer is so confident that you will love the serum that they offer a solid money back guarantee. Stop wasting pretious moments at the beauty salon, waiting for the extensions to stick to your eyelid. Start using Idol Lash and convince yourself it is the best growth serum for thicker, longer, and sexier eyelashes!