Should you use eyelash extensions?

They certainly represent a solution for those who want longer eyelashes quickly. New eyelash extensions look quite natural and they certainly help you look amazing within minutes or hours, but there are cautions involved if you really consider this solution. Are you willing to put your natural lashes at risk?

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Idol Lash is one of the latest trends among fashionable people because it provides longer, darker and denser eyelashes in a natural and healthy way. Having in its powerful formula natural ingredients that boost eyelashes growth and intensify their colour, this eyelash enhancer is a natural, safe and effective solution for women who wish to look great naturally. Due to Idol Lash, eyelashes will be longer, darker, more voluminous and significantly more appealing within only a few weeks and the consumers will not experience any negative side effects, nor risk their natural eyelashes.

There are many different types of eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions should be applied by a good technician in case if this is the option you select. Most women do not even have the time and patience required to apply lash extensions, because this procedure takes about two hours. According to the look you wish to achieve, you can choose from cluster lash extensions, individual lash extensions and strip lash extensions, which can be applied with temporary, semi-permanent or permanent glues. The false eyelashes can be waterproof, with different colours, thicknesses and lengths and they can provide a dramatic, glamorous or natural look.

But you should be aware of the consequences that might arise when applying and wearing lash extensions. Allergy reactions can occur because of the glue utilized and the fake lashes can fall down together with your natural eyelashes. Individual lashes are not applied on skin, as they are glued to the natural lash. Some eyelash extensions cannot be worn in the shower, when sleeping or at swimming pool and not all types of false lashes allow using mascara and other cosmetic products. Most of eyelash extensions come with their own maintenance products and it should not be ignored the fact that the most resistant and glamorous lashes can be a little too pricey.

Instead of applying risky and expensive eyelash extensions you could opt for a natural eyelash enhancer. Idol Lash will stimulate eyelashes growth and your lashes will be just as long as they would look if you would wear fake eyelashes. With Idol Lash you do not have to worry about your health or your natural eyelashes, because there is no risk involved. Eyelashes will become longer, darker and thicker in a healthy way within only a few weeks. In fact, this is the only disadvantage of natural eyelash enhancers: hair growth takes time and the results will be noticed after a while.

By using Idol Lash once per day for three-four weeks, you will achieve the results desired and your eyelashes will look amazing in a natural and safe way. Why would you opt for eyelash extensions, when you have Idol Lash to boost your lashes in a healthy way and achieve longer, darker and more voluminous eyelashes naturally?

Is Idol Lash effective to eyelashes growth?

For hundreds of years, the figure has been seen as the most essential aspect of women’s beauty. Because the eyes represent the most important feature of the figure, the image of eyelashes matters a lot. Longer, darker and thicker eyelashes contribute to a woman’s appeal, but can we achieve this kind of eyelashes in a natural way and without making use of eyelash extensions?

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If you want to take your eyelashes to new heights, you really have to try Idol Lash. Idol Lash is one of the latest booms in market because it offers a significant increase in eyelashes and supports the consumers enhance their natural beauty in a natural and healthy way.

Eyelash enhancers have become more and more popular these days because they stimulate eyelashes growth in a natural manner, without causing negative side effects and without involving any risks. Although numerous ladies have used eyelash extensions to achieve longer and denser eyelashes, today this procedure is no longer needed. Ladies do not need to stick anymore fake lashes with glue over the original ones because natural eyelashes can be stimulated to grow faster and amazing results can be achieved within just one month.

Idol Lash offers a significant increase in eyelashes length and density because this amazing treatment works by nourishing follicles and stimulating eyelashes growth. Having in its composition natural ingredients extracted from Honey, Chamomile, Alfalfa, Nettle, Kelp, Jojoba Seed Oil and Arnica, vitamins, nutrients and proteins that work together to repair lash follicles, accelerate eyelashes growth, improve their texture, increase their density and intensify their color, Idol Lash helps ladies achieve the disco-ready lashes desired without having to use false eyelashes.

Having in mind that Idol Lash prolongs the lifespan of eyelashes, prevents them from breaking and falling out and knowing that the ingredients strengthen the follicles and enhance the texture and structure of lashes, Idol Lash is an effective treatment to eyelashes growth.

If you want to achieve longer, thicker, denser and more voluminous eyelashes without applying fake lashes, all you have to do is use Idol Lash twice per day about one month. This eyelash enhancer is very easy to apply, since it has a special applicator that enables a quick application. The treatment will be applied directly on the cleaned eyelid and it will enter through skin in about one minute. The results will appear quite quickly, because eyelashes will start growing thicker, denser, longer, darker and more voluminous.

However, eyelashes growth does not occur overnight, even though the ingredients of Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer accelerate the growth of lashes. But the positive results will appear with a little patience and diligence and the consumers will achieve the longer, thicker and darker eyelashes desired.

Idol Lash does not affect the health of the consumers, the treatment’s formula is non-irritant and the ingredients quickly penetrate the surface of skin. The nutrients contained in the composition of Idol Lash go directly to the follicles to stimulate their development and to encourage eyelashes growth, thus making from this eyelash enhancer one of the most effective and useful cosmetic products.

In only a few years, eyelash extensions will be obsolete. Use Idol Lash to stimulate eyelashes growth and enjoy having longer, darker and disco-ready lashes in a healthy, natural and safe way!

The best ingredients for eyelashes growth

Today getting voluminous and darker eyelashes is an achievable dream for anyone. Knowing that eyelashes can grow naturally with special treatments, supplements and ingredients that accelerate their growth and intensify their color, more and more ladies choose the natural eyelash accelerator instead of applying fake eyelashes.

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Idol Lash is one of the most popular eyelash accelerators that have taken fashion world by storm. The clinical studies performed on Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer proved that this amazing product can boost eyelashes length by 25% and eyelashes density by up to 82%. Containing natural ingredients that work on both eyelashes and eyebrows, Idol Lash supports ladies enhance their beauty and appeal without having to use numerous other cosmetic products, nor having to use eyelash extensions to achieve their dream of having longer, denser and darker eyelashes.

Having a powerful formula made of all-natural, hypoallergenic ingredients that do not irritate the skin and which leaves skin moisturized and smooth, Idol Lash stimulates eyelashes growth and prolongs their lifespan too. In only four weeks of treatment with Idol Lash, the consumers will achieve amazing results and their eyelashes will be longer, thicker, more voluminous and darker without experiencing negative side effects.

Idol Lash contains in its innovative formula Pentapeptide-17, Chamomile Extract, Cocoyl, Jojoba Oil, Nettle Extract, proteins, vitamins, keratin, Honey, Kelp, polypeptides and moisturizing agents that work together to provide longer, more voluminous and glamorous eyelashes.

Pentapeptide-17 is found in numerous cosmetic products – eyelash enhancers, mascaras and shampoos – because this ingredients delays signs of aging, nourishes the skin and realigns the building blocks of skin, this way allowing for a healthier and stronger foundation where eyelashes follicles will develop normally.  Pentapeptide-17 improves hair fullness, stimulates keratin in the eyelashes and enhances eyelashes length without causing unwanted side effects.

Chamomile Extract accelerates eyelashes growth, while it also improves their health and texture. Chamomile rejuvenates the eyelashes, provides an attractive shine to lashes, enhances their volume and improves the natural beauty of the consumers. Even more, this natural compound distresses the eye lids and prevents eyelashes from falling out.

Cocoyl has been included in the formula of Idol Lash because it provides a beautiful shine and improves eyelashes strength. Preventing the breakage of new eyelashes and strengthening the eyelash follicles, Cocoyl accelerates eyelashes growth and has excellent conditioning effect on hair.

Jojoba Oil is used alone by consumers who want to increase eyelashes growth at home. But mixed with the other ingredients included in the formula of Idol Lash, Jojoba Oil will enhance the eyelashes naturally, it will stimulate their growth and it will fortify and nourish the follicles. Jojoba Oil is also beneficial for eyebrows and the head on your head, intensifying their color as well.

Nettle Extract is included in the composition of numerous eyelash enhancers because it accelerates hair growth and stops the hair loss. It fortifies eyelash and eyebrows follicles and enhances their health, so eyelashes will grow longer and eyebrows will be denser.

Vitamins nourish skin and hair, stimulate the eyelashes and eyebrows growth and help them grow and live longer. Eyelashes and eyebrows will become thicker, healthier and denser and the consumers will appear amazing without having to use tones of mascara.

Keratin is a protein that is the basic building block that makes 91% of eyelashes, eyebrows and hair. This ingredient improves strength of eyelashes and makes them longer and denser in a natural and healthy way.

Honey has been used for centuries by women who did not have mascaras or other cosmetic products that could have provided them longer and denser eyelashes. Honey replenishes and fortifies eyelashes, it boosts eyelashes growth and conditions them, offering richness and thickness to eyelashes.

Kelp Extract adds to eyelashes a layer of protection against breakage and damage. Adding thickness and improving the strength of eyelashes, Kelp Extract is a wonderful ingredient for eyelashes growth.

Polypeptides are included in the composition of Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer because they offer the building blocks to enhance the girth, length and volume of eyelashes and eyebrows. Polypeptides naturally support stronger and more voluminous eyelashes, while the consumers will not experience any negative side effects.

Moisturizing agents offer more elasticity to eyelashes and eyebrows, increase their volume and stimulate their rejuvenation.

All these potent ingredients have been included in Idol Lash formula because they are natural and they do not irritate skin and eyes. In order to achieve longer, denser and darker eyelashes and eyebrows, the consumers will have to use Idol Lash only once per day, for 28 days and the results will be amazing.

Use the best ingredients for eyelashes growth and your natural beauty will be significantly enhanced. Take Idol Lash to boost the volume and length of your eyelashes safely and effectively and you will achieve your dream without having to use eyelash extensions.

Lash extensions or eyelash enhancer?

Because we all want to possess long, beautiful and thick eyelashes, this is a question that troubles most women of all over the world. What is the best option between lash extensions and eyelash enhancer? They both offer us the result expected, longer eyelashes, but how effective and safe they are and what are the consequences?


When it comes to our beauty, we are willing to sacrifice a lot of money, effort and even our health, unfortunately. We are willing to go through surgery to achieve the silhouette desired, we suffer from food cravings to lose weight and we are ready to apply fake lashes to get longer and more voluminous lashes, even though it can leave us without our precious lashes.

Yes, scientists and doctors have stated that lash extensions are not quite a safe and healthy option. They are not sterile and those who are made of poly-nylon blend can lead to infections. Even more, the spaces in the fibers enable bacteria to live here and in this warm and wet environment bacteria will certainly thrive, causing infections and other eye problems. Some fake eyelashes will make natural lashes fall down and women will remain with less voluminous eyelashes.

Based on what scientists say, using an eyelash enhancer represents the best way to achieve longer, darker and denser eyelashes. Idol Lash is one of the latest trends in fashionable society. This eyelash enhancer provides outstanding results in lengthening the eyelashes, increasing their density and improving their appeal, helping women get more beautiful eyelashes naturally.

Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer consists in a topical solution that has to be applied once a day at the base of the upper and lower lashline with the special applicator. The ingredients go directly to the root of eyelashes, stimulating their growth, repairing any damaged follicles and prolonging the lifespan of eyelash, while they will also grow longer, denser, darker and thicker, all these in only one month.

Because this eyelash enhancer is made of natural ingredients like Honey Extract, Keratin, Kelp, Cocoyl, Chamomile, polypeptides, proteins, moisturizing agents and vitamins, Idol Lash is a natural, safe and healthy option that will efficiently provide longer eyelashes without harming the health of the consumers, nor causing the loss of eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions can be made of faux fur, real fur or synthetic and they have different thicknesses. Mink and sable lashes offer a natural look, they are quite comfortable, light and soft, but the glue utilized to stick them on eyelid or on the natural eyelashes can cause numerous disadvantages. This glue can cause allergies, eyes infections and numerous other problems and natural eyelashes can fall down together with the fake eyelashes.

You cannot go to shower or pool with most types of eyelashes and they require special care and attention. Regardless if they are individual, strip or cluster lashes, these extensions can be applied with different types of glues, more or less safe.

When having to choose between eyelash extensions and natural eyelash enhancer, it is important to note down what you wish to accomplish, while also considering the safety of the method selected. Eyelash extensions offer an amazing volume in only a few hours, while natural growth of eyelashes can take a few weeks.

But Idol Lash will stimulate the growth of eyelashes in a healthy, natural and safe way, making eyelashes become longer, darker, fuller and thicker naturally, without involving possible infections or allergies. It was scientifically proved that Idol Lash eyelash enhancer represents the safe and healthy alternative to eyelash extensions.

What option would you take to get longer and fuller eyelashes? Would you risk your own health to achieve more appealing eyelashes, knowing that you have the opportunity to get the results expected in a healthy and natural way?


Get fluttery eyelashes naturally

Eyes are the mirror of the soul. But when we are face to face and we look into somebody’s soul, we cannot neglect their eyelashes, especially if they are long, dense and dark. Having long, beautiful and fluttery eyelashes is a dream come true for the majority of women, so it’s not a surprise that over the past few years, numerous eyelash solutions have revolutionized fashion world.

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Idol Lash is one of the latest innovations in cosmetic science and it is actually one of the best products for women. Lengthening, thickening and darkening eyelashes naturally, Idol Lash will support women achieve fluttery eyelashes that will enhance their self-esteem and help them feel more attractive.

Most women have a mascara in their bag and it is a fact that a makeup is not complete without at least one coat of mascara on the eyelashes. Although some women choose to use eyelash extensions in order to make a volumizing statement, this method can deteriorate the natural eyelashes. Eyelash extensions cost a few hundred dollars and they have to be applied by an experienced aesthetician, especially if you do not want to lose the majority of your lashes. Some semi-permanent glues used to fix the fake lashes can cause allergies and skin reactions, so make sure that you are not allergic to any of the substances contained.

A much safer and less expensive alternative to eyelash extensions is Idol Lash. It is made of natural ingredients that stimulate growth of eyelashes, which will become thicker, longer, darker and denser in a healthy and natural way. Due to Idol Lash, you will achieve fluttery eyelashes that will no longer require tones of mascara in order to look fabulous.

Women who use eyelash extensions and tones of mascara are likely to develop allergic reactions and eye problems and infections, but Idol Lash is completely safe to use and administer. It contains in its highly effective formula natural compounds like Chamomile Extract, Kelp Extract,Keratin, Honey Extract, Cocoyl, Vitamins, proteins, moisturizing agents and polypeptides, ingredients that nourish the eyelashes, improve their flexibility and texture, stimulate their growth, darken their color and promote their health.

With Idol Lash, women will achieve fluttery eyelashes within only one month of use. The results appear quite quickly because the ingredients are applied directly on the eyelid and they penetrate the surface of skin, going directly to the roots of eyelashes.

Instead of using risky fake eyelashes or having to use mascara every day, you should use Idol Lash and get darker, fuller, curvy, longer and more appealing eyelashes in just one month. Even more, this amazing product works on eyebrows too and you will get thicker, longer and darker eyebrows naturally, without needing to spend minutes in front of mirror, in the attempt to achieve a great look.

Idol Lash is a revolutionary product that will help you look amazing naturally, without having to use various products in order to make your eyelashes and eyebrows voluminous and thicker. Your eyelashes and eyebrows will be naturally stimulated to grow and you will don’t have to spend precious time using eyelash curler, applying coats of mascara, using pencils, colored powders and other cosmetic products that will help you appear more beautiful.

With Idol Lash you will achieve fluttery eyelashes and well-defined eyebrows that will make you look sexier than ever. What do you prefer, after all? What do you choose between having an artificial look, with fake eyelashes and tones of make-up and having a natural look with a natural beauty?